09 Aug '08-14:13
A Blog Worthy Day

I wanted to take Ephraim to the park today so he could run around and maybe we could give Sean some time to relax. Yeah, it didn't work out that way at all. First, I passed a garage sale right by the park that had a window cooler for 20 bucks. Since we're moving into a house with no AC in the middle of the summer, 20 bucks seemed a very reasonable deal. So while we were at this garage sale and I was making the deal and all, Ephraim started running around, getting a kick out of all the neat things they had. It was a huge sale, it seems two neighbors combined forces. Anyway, one lady reports she saw him walking around not watching where he was going and he ran right into a table. I didn't examine the table closely, but it must of had a sharp cornered edge. Immediately he ran to me screaming. As soon as he was in my arms blood started pouring down my shirt from his mouth. The prepared garage sale hosts had a cooler with ice and brought us some ice, paper towels and, once he had calmed down a bit, an otter pop. He spilled some otter pop juice on me too, to go with the blood. I was pretty freaked out myself about the whole thing. It turned out to be a bigger gash than I first expected and I was going over the possibility of taking him to the hospital. When we left I didn't notice that the cars he had in his hands were not the ones that he had brought with him, so I had to go take those back. I took him to Sean and we decided he probably didn't need stitches after all. I just hope it doesn't turn into a nasty scar. But I felt better after talking to Sue and my sister.

The fun doesn't stop there. I had another ordeal this morning. I took my car to be washed since it was, like, ultra, embarrassingly dirty and I hadn't washed it since I don't even know how long, at least three weeks. Anyway, I locked my keys in the car while I was there. Okay, go ahead and laugh if you want. Fortunately, Sean and his keys weren't too far. About a fifteen minute walk away. Still, I was deeply distressed by everything going completely wrong this morning. Sean took us home and made us lunch. He's just awesome like that.

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Ahhhh - I'm sending a cyber hug.>*< What a rotten day!
Thanks for calling me - it made me feel needed. Now we will keep you in our prayers so that things go better. Darn those rotten days!!
mom cox - 10 Aug '08-00:03