30 May '08-09:24
Prince Caspain

I've put off saying this for a while now and I wish I had said this earlier. I suspected from the beginning that Indiana Jones was going to be another completely stupid action movie with great special affects and nothing else. I avoided seeing it at all costs because I'm tired of all the movies like that that have sadly become so popular. I mean, doesn't it hurt your brain to watch them. It hurts mine. Anyway, I went to see Prince Caspian not really knowing if it was going to be stupid or not. Over all I'd say I really liked it. They added a lot of things to the story, some of which I think was good and some bad. Like that kiss. Totally unnecessary. And gross. Did it ruin the movie for me? No, not really. At least I didn't feel like my intelligence was being insulted because they had a good story to back up their Hollywood style drama. So I hear Indiana was stupid. Go watch Caspian.

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