02 Dec '07-20:09
Bald Baby

Just in time for the holidays I made a huge mistake and cut off all of Ephraim's hair. Now he is ugly and Sean keeps being mean to me about it.


I think she''s gonna be sad,
I think it's today, yeah.
The curls that're driving her mad
Are going away.

She's got a ticket to whine,
She's got a ticket to whine,
She's got a ticket to whine,
But she don't care.
seanmcox - 02 Dec '07-20:14
Help! There's this strange baby I don't recognize running around my house! And you can observe Sean's attitude about it above.
Pixie Shtick - 02 Dec '07-20:17
mnyu mjh Zz GZ K
Ephraim - 02 Dec '07-20:35
Hair grows back all too soon.
Mom Cox - 09 Dec '07-01:38
If that is Ephraim's haircut in the sword play pictures - it looks good.
Mom Cox - 09 Dec '07-01:43
That is the cutest ugly baby if ever seen
mom castillo - 11 Dec '07-22:12
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