03 Oct '11-12:21
Fresh Clean October

New month and there is a lot I've got to get done around here. I'm planning on painting some walls now that the blistering heat of summer is over and we have a lovely warm autumn. Good gravy, I hate summer. Hopefully I can get inspired today to clean out some junk. I've already started with one box. Clean Mama is always an inspiring read for high ambitions.

20 Apr '11-08:56


We've been so super busy. I hardly take time to blog anymore, but surprise. We have chickens! They're totally awesome.


29 Mar '11-13:31
Egg Shell Planting


We've been growin stuffs.


05 Jan '11-10:37
Cleaning Calender


No doubt you've already got a cool calender for the year, but you should still check out Clean Mama's printable cleaning calender for January. Its a big help.