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27 Dec '10-17:58
Sleep Mask


Love Dead Kitty Sleep Mask. Look adorable while you sleep.


25 Dec '10-19:10
Smart Girl


Ever since I was little I always wanted to be smart. Unfortunately I'm not smart, and I probably will never be smart. But maybe I can look like I'm smart. I have 20/20 vision, but I'd love a pair of vintage rims, maybe blue or white.


13 Dec '10-11:40
Sparkly Boots


Most of the time I like to keep shoes simple, but if you want to embellish your shoes, add a little sparkly, this DIY is found on The Skinny.


10 Dec '10-14:50
The Magical World in the Wardrobe


I'm so excited about the new Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm a huge fan of the books, and even though I've critized them, I'm a huge fan of the movies too. They're costumes are so cute. Think back to movie one, The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe. Remember their old fashion clothing? Adorable. I was thinking how cute it would be to dress like this inspired look. Then I saw BurdaStyle's article that shows you how. With all these vintage inspired patterns, you could make a real sweet look.


04 Dec '10-09:27
Warm Baby Clothes


Aw, so sweet. Baby clothes look comfy and warm.


02 Dec '10-08:50
Black and Silver Sequined Wallets


I'm loving sparklies this season. My sister is sure my sparkly obsession is inspired by the holidays and will end after Christmas and New Year, but I can enjoy it while it lasts. Goodness, I can't believe its already the end of the year. Target's Sequined Wallets are so pretty, adding to my sparkly fascination.