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23 Mar '10-19:30
A Ruffled Playsuit


In case you were wondering, my awesome sister gets a small percent of her cool from me. This stylin' outfit from an Oliver + S pattern.

The Pixie Shtick

15 Mar '10-13:29
Gnomes in the Garden


Well, we've been spending a lot of time out in the yard. Time for me to make some disgustingly cute crafts for the kids - garden gnomes. My family would be ashamed of me. After all, garden gnomes are from hell. But I'm not talking about those silly statues or anything. These clothes pin doll gnomes are way cuter and fun for the kids to make. With the wooden clothes pins, paint, fabric and a glue gun, we made some way cute gnomes. Use caution with heated glue guns and children though, as always. Then take your gnome creations out to the garden to play!

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03 Mar '10-07:58
Elf Hats


For me March is the month of the fairies. Its Spring, the air smells so sweet, and if I were a fairy, I'd be out doing a jig. As it is, I'm out doing yard work. At least the kids enjoy playing in the dirt. And I made cute elf hats for my munchkins. Here is a free Elf Hat Pattern for toddlers from that is awesome.


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01 Mar '10-11:54
Pardon Me and My Unmentionables


I love it when I can make what I want with bits and pieces I already have lying around. A pair of totally soft lace panties in heather gray. Mamas, love your panty drawer, love it I say!

If you want to try to make some totally soft panties, Belle and Burger's Panty Turtorial is a good guide.

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