28 Mar '11-09:23
Paper Masks


It still fills like the weekend. Maybe its because its spring. Everything goes through upheaval in the spring. I just want to have fun. But I guess I better start my week.


28 Jan '11-09:16
For the Wall


I didn't do this, but I do like painting old picture frames that I find. I like to find my frames at garage sales. Usually they have really ugly art in them, and some people wonder about my taste in art, but I usually throw out the old art and turn the cool frame into something cool.


22 Dec '10-20:35
Hanging Globes


A different kind of tree. Merry Christmas.


21 Dec '10-17:16
Felt Dolls Template


I'm a total sucker for paper dolls. Or felt dolls. These are awesome. And there are printable templates for them at Smile and Wave.


20 Dec '10-08:55
Carrot Ice Wreath


So cool ice wreath. Surprisingly easy to make. Its really cute with cranberries too. I imagine this would work best some place where the weather is frosty. Sometimes I wish I lived some place where it snowed. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas and all that jazz. But I'm pretty happy where I am.


11 Dec '10-11:40
Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial


Finally I've got my tree up. Its a wimpy little plastic one, and it desperately needs a tree skirt. I might have to make one. Stacie shares a real quick tutorial on how to make one over at Smile and Wave.


01 Dec '10-08:14


If I were going to make handmade stockings for Christmas, hmm, I think I would make them like this. Simple and cute. Pattern from The Purl Bee.


29 Nov '10-09:04
Vampire Knits


This is what the Cullens do in their spare time, haha. I'm not really a Twilight freak, but I'm sure if I were a vampire I'd absolutely need this book. Doesn't it look wicked? I haven't actually read it. For a knitter, I'm a beginner. But it looks awesome, haha. And I hear it has some sweet looking projects.


17 Nov '10-08:39
Wooden Puzzle Ornament


You can make Christmas tree ornaments out of just about anything. It is so cute to use old toys. Creature Comforts shares this idea, ornaments from wooden puzzles.


28 Jul '10-11:41
Summer Tomatoes


Our garden is surviving, though its had a few hits. We ended up with a ton of tomatoes and it seemed the only thing left to do with them was to can. Canning tomatoes is kind of fun but messy, since tomatoes squirt. They turned out looking nice. Canning recipe from Well Preserved, which you can see in the background there.

18 Jun '10-11:25
Chalkboard House

20100618-2010june18 0652.jpg

I think we can all agree that chalkboard paint is the coolest. There are so many projects you can do with it. I guess this one is more artistic than useful. It took some work to keep the kids from destroying it before it was finished.

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15 Jun '10-12:11
Trimmed Baby Onesies.



I don't have baby girls, but I have nieces. These onesies are the gift I gave my baby sis at her shower. The shower, by the way, was totally fun. Thanks to everyone who help me put it on, and to everyone that came! I have often lamented that I can't buy girly dresses, yet here I had a opportunity to and didn't. I thought personalizing onesies would be much more thoughtful and unique than picking a random dress from the usual places. Or maybe I was too lazy to drag myself and my kids to the store, haha. Oh, life.

10 May '10-12:31
Mother's Day Basket


Here's a look at the Mother's Day craft the Nursery 'kids' made for their awesome moms.

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08 May '10-14:59
Papered Cans

20100508-2010may4 240.jpg

A little paper therapy. Been saving some ol' cans to use as containers. I use some plain and simple used cans with their paper cover torn off to hold my paint brushes and things. While I like the silver of the uncovered metal, I had some pretty paper and it spruced these cans up nicely. I just needed a happy paper craft to do that only takes about 2.3 seconds. A little glue and Bam! I think it makes a real nice decoration.

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14 Apr '10-18:33
Jelly Beans!

20100414-2010april14 002.jpg

Got jelly beans leftover from Easter? Good. I'm pretty busy lately, but I've been looking forward to this one all year. Jelly Bean Cookies!

What else can you do when you have three crazy kids and you've tried to put yourself in Zen Mode? I had the kids make them for me. Ephraim stirred the ingredients and Jasher helped taste and pour in the jelly beans. Ooh, they like 'em.

The Pixie Shtick