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28 Jan '08-14:31
Big Bad Day

Have you ever failed at something you've tried really hard at? I guess the best advice to that situation is to keep trying. I'm having a really bad day and it just keeps getting worse. I've got nothing else to say worth reading. Times like these call for zucchini cake! Zucchini cake! I can't wait.

12 Jan '08-16:50

Today my husband broke my toe. We were playing Curses and I was trying to run away from my baby because he was going to electrocute me and Sean who was also trying to electrocute me stepped on my foot and broke my toe. He said was sorry.

I also learned how to be Ninja, Gansta and Emo.

02 Jan '08-09:41
I Suck

I don't know why I even blog, everything I do and say is so stupid anyway. My one new years resolution was to not suck so bad this year and I've already ruined it by going and hitting a parked car. I am such an idiot. Why do I have to ruin the lives of everyone around me?