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15 Aug '10-17:02
My Letter to Sean

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Hey Sean,

Your weird kids. Both of them asked for fruit snacks for breakfast. Ephraim said, "I think fruit snacks is food." Then he said he wanted a hot dog for breakfast. So I put a couple of hot dogs on the stove. Then Jasher started crying because he wanted one. He kept grabbing the bag and whining for one. So I gave him one cold. Then Ephraim said he wanted one cold. Whine whine whine. I said no and gave him a cooked one. Then Jasher decided he'd had enough of his cold one and put the half eaten dog in the pan on the stove and went to go try to steal Ephraim's. I was like, "Jasher you already had one." But Ephraim said, "I think he's mad because he wants my hot dog, can I give it to him?" I thought that was very nice of Ephraim. So he gave Jasher his hot dog and Jasher took it to put in the pan just like he did with his own. Turns out he didn't want to eat it, he just wanted to cook it. Your children are goof balls. Now they are whining for milk and water. Better go refill the water container.

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