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17 Feb '10-10:50
Green Wall, Blue Bed


Now that the kids' room walls are painted Aloe Vera green, Grandpa and Grandma helped put in a new bunk bed. Its a little big for them now, but they'll grow into it. Ph had a good night's sleep in his new bed. Looking back, I remember when my bunk bed was a fortress and a pirate ship. Grandparents are awesome. As Ph said, Grandma is like a mom and Grandpa is like a dad. Except I'm sure he thinks they are much cooler. Ah, there's no place like home.

The Pixie Shtick

07 Feb '10-08:54
So Metro


Trust a guy to blog properly, sheesh. You know, there's hardly any way around it. Little boys are just going to love cars and trains. I remember thinking when my first boy was the littlest tiniest of babies, there's no way he'll be obsessed with cars and trains, at least not the same way I saw other boys do it. I was mistaken. Like I said, there seems to be no way around it. So, since trains are just so darn exciting, Sean promised our son he'd take him on the train one of these days. So the boys went on an father-son outing on the Metro Rail out to the LA area for lunch. Sean said the train ride was a real hit.

The Pixie Shtick