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22 Apr '09-18:07
The Things He Says

20090421-2009 April 21 216.jpg

Sometimes I just can't believe the things that come out of his mouth. Of course they're all things that I say. Today's conversation:

"I want food."

"You want food?"


"Do you want a sandwich?"

"Um . . . I want a hot dog."

"Okay, wait I'm feeding Jasha-baby right now."

"I want a hot dog."

"You have to wait. I'm feeding Jasher."

"All done feeding Jasher."

"No, you have to wait."

"Will you figure out a way."

" . . . What?"

"Move your hand, move your hand."

Okay, that was enough to make me laugh. Don't worry, this story has a happy ending, he got his hot dog.

Photo - "Big boat!" The Queen Mary.

21 Apr '09-09:29
Hide and Go Sleep

20090421-2009 April 14 068.jpg

Ephraim and I play hide and seek. I count to ten and hide, then he comes and finds me. He really likes that game. But he can't seem to understand how to do it the other way around. I tell him to hide, I count to ten, and then before I have a chance to look for him, he comes running out of his hiding place. Silly kid.

Jasha-baby has been a little ill. The other night he had a slight fever and he hardly slept at all. Which means mom and dad hardly slept at all. He's making sure we get gray hairs. Poor kid. By morning, however, he was back to his usual self.

11 Apr '09-18:01


Twinkle twinkle witto star
homan wonder what you are
up abah ah word so high
wike a dimon in da sky
twinkle twinkle witto star
howa whatcu whatchu are