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30 Nov '07-08:47
Oh, The Irony

Just yesterday I was at the store thinking I better buy an umbrella before the rain comes. I'm getting over the romance of Sean and I sharing one, so I was going to buy two, a nice masculine one for Sean and a pretty feminine one for me. I didn't end up buying them so I could save a few bucks. Its been pretty dry and yet this morning I woke to find it raining. Oh well. Since it only rains three times a year here I thought I could turn this into a good opportunity to let Ephraim experience and learn about rain. Once he realized that there was water falling on his head he reacted the way he does when I turn the shower on him, he started crying.

28 Nov '07-11:18
Masochistic Baby

Whenever Ephraim is mad at me, like if I tell him he can't go outside or play with the computers or whatever, he bangs his head on the nearest object in protest. He'll hit his head on a door, a wall, me. He cut Sean's lip yesterday. Its really starting to bother me because of course I don't want my baby to get hurt or cause some long term damage. He's been doing this for a couple of weeks now. I try to deal with it by not giving in, not giving him what he wants, and trying to comfort him if he's hurt or put him in time out as punishment. I don't know what else I can do about this behavior but if you have any ideas I would like to hear them.

19 Nov '07-19:55
Update on the Baby Man

This is the real reason you read my blog, admit it. The baby man has been doing so many things its hard to keep up with it all. He's totally masochistic so if you see him over the holidays you might notice some lovely bruises in every color. He likes to jump off things, on things, bang things with his head, throw things, etc. He's a terror. He got kicked out of nursery for throwing a tantrum that involved banging his head against the walls and floor. I let him calm down and then I sent him back. Those nursery leaders put up with a lot. We went to my friend, Susie's house and watched the movie The Other Sister and while we were there Ephraim started playing with her son's cars. We don't have any cars for him to play with but apparently we need some. He became rather attached to this 99 cent store truck, which Susie said he could have, so we took it home and he's been playing with it ever since. He cries when we take it away from him, like for baths or for getting dressed. I even let him sleep with it the first night. He's been watching The Incredibles (which is an incredible movie) everyday for a while there, but he's gotten a little tired of it and has now been watching other movies as well. He can almost put on a movie by himself, with supervision, of course. He takes the DVDs out of their cases and can put them in the DVD player push play and turn on the TV. Now he might need some help and directions to get it all straight but he does pretty good. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, I haven't been teaching it to him, but Sean thinks its the greatest thing in the world and is very encouraging.

10 Nov '07-13:32

When it rains, it pours. We finally unpacked the cable to our camera so we can upload our photos. If we like you enough and you have privileges, check out the new Ephraim pics in his photo album. If you want privileges email us.