06 Sep '11-19:31
End of an Age

I had a lot of fun with my family this past week. We said goodbye to my sweet grandmother. Ephraim kept saying "I will miss her." They were good friends. I'm lucky I had such great grandparents. You may recall last year my grandfather passed away. I'm glad they are now together and will be for eternity. It was kinda hard to say good bye, but we have such beautiful memories.

22 Nov '10-09:17
I'm Thankful


Thanksgiving Day is this week and this week is going to be crazy. I have a lot of family to visit. And what a joyous reunion it will be. Our thoughts and hearts will be tender this year. My grandfather has just recently passed away. He was a wonderful man, everybody loved him. He was blessed by the Lord and followed His guidance. He passed away peacefully with many of his children and grandchildren around him. I can't think of a better way to leave this world. And so for Thanksgiving this year, I'm sure we'll all be giving thanks for the wonderful blessing to share this life together as a family.

Be sure to tell your family you love them. This is a time to count your blessings. Project Nursery shows us some really cool trees of gratitude. And President Thomas S. Monson reminds us it is a Divine Gift.


12 Oct '10-09:10
Halloween Sights

20101116-20101012-2010october12 073hj.jpg

Sean says that Halloween is lame and we shouldn't celebrate it. I have to admit, it isn't all its hyped up to be. And this year its on Sunday, so we won't be trick-or-treating. Still, I enjoy it and I want to make it fun for the boys. Today we are decorating.

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15 Aug '10-17:02
My Letter to Sean

20101116-20100815-2010august1 130p.jpg

Hey Sean,

Your weird kids. Both of them asked for fruit snacks for breakfast. Ephraim said, "I think fruit snacks is food." Then he said he wanted a hot dog for breakfast. So I put a couple of hot dogs on the stove. Then Jasher started crying because he wanted one. He kept grabbing the bag and whining for one. So I gave him one cold. Then Ephraim said he wanted one cold. Whine whine whine. I said no and gave him a cooked one. Then Jasher decided he'd had enough of his cold one and put the half eaten dog in the pan on the stove and went to go try to steal Ephraim's. I was like, "Jasher you already had one." But Ephraim said, "I think he's mad because he wants my hot dog, can I give it to him?" I thought that was very nice of Ephraim. So he gave Jasher his hot dog and Jasher took it to put in the pan just like he did with his own. Turns out he didn't want to eat it, he just wanted to cook it. Your children are goof balls. Now they are whining for milk and water. Better go refill the water container.

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13 May '10-08:43
Boys and Band-aids

20100513-2010may13 040.jpg

Boys and Band-aids go hand in hand. With all the playing and bouncing around, I've had a lot of injuries to kiss better just in the last 24 hours. Sometimes when my kids fall and start to cry I just roll my eyes instead of being the concerned mom. I'm so bad. But you can't always take the site of blood too seriously. Hope they get better soon.

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12 Apr '10-10:17
Meeting Math


Every one was curious how the boys would react to meeting their new brother. Well, the baby arrived! And Ephraim and Jasher both had similar reactions at first. They stared at him and smiled. These were at different times too, because Ephraim was asleep when Jasher met the baby, and Jasher was asleep when Ephraim met the baby.

Now we're just getting used to life with baby. Jasher might have the hardest time with it. His toughest moment was when my parents came to visit the baby. He was already dying for attention before they arrived, and when they got there that intensified into demanding toddler tantrums. But that's not how he is all the time. But he does have some issues with wanting me to hold him and wanting to sit on the baby. He's going to have the hardest time adjusting I think.

Ephraim is still a great big brother. He wants to help. He brings me diapers and bottles (which we're not using right now) and tried to give the baby toys to play with. He loves to hold him, which makes Math nervous. And he likes to show him off to strangers and people. He tried to convince dad to let him stay home from church so he could be with the baby. It didn't work.

If anyone is going to have a harder time that Jasher, it might be Sean. He's been busy busy taking care of the kids and me. He's going to be one tired daddy.

As for myself, I'm doing okay. I'm still pretty weak from labor. Math is a pretty easy baby to take care of, but he does take time. Hopefully I'll be able to slide into being a mom of three without too much difficulty.

Math is just a sweet and beautiful newborn. He gets kind of nervous when his older brothers are around. He'd rather be sleeping with a warm blanket and milk on demand. But wouldn't we all?

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03 Apr '10-10:15
Pirate Birthday Boy

20100402-pirate2010april2 001 copy.jpg

Lately its all about pirates! Ph runs around saying, "I am a pirate," all the time. And don't even get him started about pirate ships and finding treasure.

20100402-cake2010april2 128.jpg

I used my alligator pull-apart cake for his birthday. It turned out way cute. For someone who usually runs at the word 'frosting', this was easy peasy.

20100402-2010april2 163.jpg

And we decorated our own pirate maps with stickers and markers. Just a creative pirate activity. I should laminate some of them for keeping around.

25 Mar '10-09:35
A Mom's Job Never Ends

20100325-2010march25 002.jpg

The babies "helping" Grandma sort socks.

Thank goodness for Grandmas. The world moves on while I go crazy because of Grandma. My patience was running kind of low yesterday. Its not that I was unhappy or angry about things, I guess I was just tired and stretched thin. My mom is still a mom with her youngest at home who requires a lot of attention, and still she takes time to take care of me along with everything else she has to do. I guess I'm still a baby even though I'm a mom myself. And I didn't realize in my younger years how capable young babes were of love, but my kids have a great amount of love for Grandma. Thanks Mom.

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13 Mar '10-09:26
Sweet Baby Basket


I feel totally spoiled. Maybe I deserve it after feeling so miserable for so long. A few weeks ago my son had an ear infection. Ouch! It was no fun at all. And now it turns out I have one too. Now I know how he felt and its terrible! It completely knocked me out for a couple of days. Fortunately we're all on the mend. And while I'm no closer to having my home the way I want it by the end of the month, I got some great things for baby. Mrs Totally Awesome Mother-in-Law brought a Moses basket, which I adore, and more for the kids. Jasher thinks the basket is his though. That's the problem with having a baby when you have a baby. Also she picked me up and took me to see CATS at the Pantages. I think ballet is awesome and the dancing and music was cool. Plus, the whole time I was thinking about how to make those cat costumes.

17 Feb '10-10:50
Green Wall, Blue Bed


Now that the kids' room walls are painted Aloe Vera green, Grandpa and Grandma helped put in a new bunk bed. Its a little big for them now, but they'll grow into it. Ph had a good night's sleep in his new bed. Looking back, I remember when my bunk bed was a fortress and a pirate ship. Grandparents are awesome. As Ph said, Grandma is like a mom and Grandpa is like a dad. Except I'm sure he thinks they are much cooler. Ah, there's no place like home.

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07 Feb '10-08:54
So Metro


Trust a guy to blog properly, sheesh. You know, there's hardly any way around it. Little boys are just going to love cars and trains. I remember thinking when my first boy was the littlest tiniest of babies, there's no way he'll be obsessed with cars and trains, at least not the same way I saw other boys do it. I was mistaken. Like I said, there seems to be no way around it. So, since trains are just so darn exciting, Sean promised our son he'd take him on the train one of these days. So the boys went on an father-son outing on the Metro Rail out to the LA area for lunch. Sean said the train ride was a real hit.

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10 Jan '10-10:29
Number 3


Its official, I am having another boy. Good thing too, cause I make some cute boys. Its too bad I won't be getting any pink dresses, but pretty soon I'll have my own baseball team. Also, sorry if I didn't call you to give you the news, but I totally lost my phone. It was found this morning by a complete stranger, and luckily it was returned. I am such a ditz lately, but fortunately I didn't lose another phone to another terrible misfortune.


27 Dec '09-14:34
Last Day in Nursery


Today was Ph's last day in Nursery. I wish I could have better prepared him for Primary. Its going to come as a big shock for him, but he deserves it. Good luck and good riddance, I say. He's the rowdiest and most disobedient kid in the Nursery. Maybe its just because I'm his mother, but he completely ignores everything I say to him. At least the other kids give me give me the benefit of a doubt. I love the kid and I can't believe he's so grown up already, but sianara, if you need anything contact his father.

23 Dec '09-18:35
I'm Done!


The end of the year is nigh and we are now on Christmas vacation! Woot! I'm sure Sean is glad to be finished with work. This is How I've explained daddy's work to my son in the past

Ph x: Where is daddy going?
Mom: To work.
Ph x: Wait, he's fixing the train?
Mom: No, he takes the train to work. He works on a computer.
Ph x: Wait, he's fixing it?
Well not exaclty but . . . .
Mom: Sure, he's fixing the computer.

Here is the conversation I had with my son on Friday.

Ph x: Where's daddy?
Mom: He's at work.
Ph x: Oh, fixing the computer?
Mom: Yeah.
Ph x: Oh. No, he's already fixed it. I think he's done.

Haha, don't we wish. Well, he's here for the holidays now, and don't we love him. Thanks dad.

02 Nov '09-14:00
Marty McFly Goes Trick-or-trreating


This year was Ph's first time going trick or treating. He really loved it, and I probably had about as much fun as he did. Though, I'm afraid many people probably didn't recognize his costume. I'm sure many people may have thought he wasn't wearing one at all. But he dressed as one of his favorite movie characters, Marty McFly from Back to the Future. He knew who he was. And he really liked getting candy. His bag got so heavy, he was dragging it on the sidewalk. At one point he said he wanted to go home. I asked him if he was tired. He said, "No, I'm hungry." I said, "Would you like to go home and eat dinner?" "No, this is my dinner." Mmm, candy!