27 Jul '11-16:44
Color on my Mind: Ocean


14 Mar '11-09:39
Green Smoothie


Mmm, tastey.


13 Jan '11-18:29


Haute Hand Warmer pattern here.


07 Dec '10-12:36
Sweetie Petites


Uhg, so tired. Staying up late with babies. Its a good thing they're so cute. I've just been running around doing the mom thing. Haven't ad much time for anything else. Sometimes I need to remember to just sit down and give my sweetie pies big hugs. We've seen a lot of Christmas specials on TV. And a lot of toy advertisements. Tis the season for cute toys.


19 May '10-17:17
Pink and Green Evenvelops


My little sister and my mom made my wedding invitations for me. I never forgot that. I'm sure my sis didn't either, now she's getting revenge. She sent me a list of invitees that had 80+ names for her baby shower. !!!! Apparently we're going to have quite a party.


I've never planned a shower before, and I'm glad to have help from others (for better or worse). We're getting ready to have one pretty party for one pretty baby girl.

The Pixie Shtick

01 Apr '10-10:11
Bad Luck


Today is destined to be a bad day. Its started already. Ph broke the mirror in his bedroom when he got angry for being put in time out. Bad Luck is headed our way.

And then the kids spilled salt!

02 Mar '10-13:22


My kid can read! Maybe its only three letter words, but its awesome! Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

29 Dec '09-18:51
Christmas by the Beach


We spent Christmas at the beach this year at the beautiful Seascape Resort. Although I am pretty terrified by the ocean, I think it is literally awesome.


Having a sea side Christmas is pretty enchanting as well. But the best part was just sitting back with family and having a good time. I hope every one had a happy Christmas.


28 Oct '09-09:52
Special Day

I've been the zombie mom lately, I admit. But while spending the day in my pajamas is my idea of a good time, the kids need something more than that. I decided that I was going to make every day a special day in some way or another, at least for my kids sake. Just some small activities that will be for their education and delight. Making muffins and carving pumpkins, I've got some other things planned. I wish I could take pictures of all the special moments we've had already, but my camera decided its had it. Bummer its just in time for the holidays too. Well, you'll just have to imagine to ultimate sweetness of my adorable little guys.

10 Jun '09-13:11
Pink Presents


I've been pretty busy this last month. One of my sisters was married to a great friend of ours. That was nice. And I went to a baby shower for another sister. It was an okay party. The decoration were beautiful, the cake fun, the food delicious, the company superb. But it was sooooooo long. After the first two hours I took a dinner roll outside and started playing catch. I was having a lot of fun goofing off, but I'm too clumsy, I tripped and fell and scraped my knee. I think I almost gave Diane a heart attack too, because she opened the door and saw me just as I was falling. Oops. Well now I have a most awesome scab that covers half my knee. My baby is at a stage where he likes to pull himself up on my legs, and sometime he pinches the wound. Owch. My oldest son saw the scab today and asked, "What happened?" I told him I fell down and got hurt. He seemed genuinely concerned. He's a cutie. Well, I have a busy schedule ahead of me as well. This should be a fun summer.

10 May '09-17:07
A Mom's Job

I've noticed something about kids. They have a desire to be unconditionally loved by their moms. Actually, I've noticed it more in adults. I've begun to realize just how much like kids grown ups really are, be it good or bad. But I've often seen adults turn to their mothers for praise, support, love, attention, and all that jazz. I'm not smart enough to really tell you why or what it means or anything like that. Its just something I've noticed.

Sibling rivalry is another thing I've noticed come from jealousy of mom's attention. Sometimes I think its kinda funny to watch, especially in grown ups. I think I have even felt it myself a small bit. Well, I hope my kids know I love them each. A mom's job never ends, I guess.

(By the way, unconditional love doesn't mean you don't kick them in the pants when their being total loser brats.)

27 Dec '08-17:30
Yeah, me babeling

I'm so happy I was able to see all my family this week. It was absolutely wonderful. I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know my boys had fun. Ephraim spent all Christmas day playing with his new train. I had to force him to tear himself away to eat some food for his survival. Any time I asked him if he wanted food he'd say, "Um, no. Train." And he looks adorable in his Thomas pajamas. Um, well, I guess there will be a lot of things to do in 2009. Okay so, I guess I don't have much more to say so, be good everyone.

22 Dec '08-09:05
The Sleepy Dance

Sean bought Mambo Moms DVD for me. I have to say I really enjoy it. Its fun and it has magical powers. It puts my baby to sleep. I'm not kidding. Even as you're watching the video you see the moms on screen dancing their babies to sleep as well. Its awesome. My baby hardly gets through the first dance before he's nodded off. So I use it a few times a day to lull him to sleep. Its the best. As Sean said, if this DVD gets babies to sleep, its definately worth it. I do have to say, however, my baby is a very pleasant baby. He's very smiley and sweet and he smiles and laughs and coos at us all day long and doesn't get super cranky. So I'm not sure of this DVD's effects on a particularly cranky baby, but it works for us. Not that our baby never cries. Because, no. But he is a happy baby.

I should officially announce that I've been called to the Nursery. I love Nursery and I'm really glad I was called to it again. I get to be in there with Ephraim. So far that only makes him cry for me to hold him when there's not a train around for him to play with. But we'll do our best. Ephraim is as hyper active as ever. He's very charming. I made sugar cookies last night and frosting so he could decorate them. I lay down some old wrapping paper that we always hated and put all the cookie decorating equipment on the kitchen floor for him. Yummy. One of his favorite games is to grab hold of my arm or leg or whatever and yell "Let go of me, mommy!" The little punk. He's been awfully cuddly in this cold weather as well. I love him.

03 Dec '08-12:45
Week's Events

When my son was born he said, "I'm totally cute." In fact, both of them said that when they were born. So on Friday we went to see the Festival of Lights in Riverside. It was kinda fun, except it was pretty awful. The awful part was that it was so crowded there. Crowds are no fun at all. It was sorta fun because my family was there and they're pretty cool. It was awful that they had these toy light up swords that were totally cheap selling for $6. That's just wrong. It was awesome that they had a train made of Christmas lights, like the awesome one we saw across the street from Grandma Cox's house. Ephraim thinks trains like that are awesome. But even more awesome, even more mega super awesome, the best thing we saw that night, which ironically was not at the festival, on the way home Ephraim saw his first REAL train! Oh, he was excited about that. On Thursday we had a great turkey dinner. On Saturday we went to Scooter's Jungle and got worn out. On Sunday we got our temple recommends renewed. On Monday we watched Wall-e and replaced our shower head. On Tuesday our friends came over to play. That's our week. Ephraim is annoying me.

14 Aug '08-15:11
Craziness Due to All the Junk That's Going On

Okay, I have to admit I'm going a little crazy with worry about finances, escrow, moving, medical issues and all kinds of never ending problems. I'm trying to pack, which is turning out to be impossible because every minute I'm not watching Ephraim, he's destroying something. Like right now he's pulled out all his stuffed animals and a few kitchen utensils. Well, aside from my own trials, I think Ephraim's been feeling a little down too. I tried actually taking some time off of mom having a meltdown and focusing on him having a fun day, but I still think he's bored out of his mind. Somehow all of our friends seem to be busy right now. We're not the only ones who are having a busy time lately. We went to see if our neighbors were available to play, but apparently they weren't home. He cried when we left their door. I felt so bad and so lost as to what to do for him. I took him to the store and we looked at books and then I took him to the playground. I just think he needs someone else to talk to besides mom. As far as his education, we're practicing vocabulary and prepositions. He's really good at doing the elephant sound. I expect in the coming weeks we'll get to see some more family, and I really can't wait. My mom's bringing me some of my grandparent's fruit, so, you know, if I find a moment amidst my chaos I might be able to make jam. My sister-in-law had her baby. She's one of those wierdos who can give birth at home. I am too much of a chicken to even consider it. I'd much rather be at the hospital so if I have a complete nervous breakdown there are people there who can drug me. Ugh, I don't even want to think about labor right now. I just have to think happy thoughts, like cozy boob pads.