29 Jul '11-15:19
Lucite Skull Earings


Want. Link.

04 Mar '11-13:26
Glitter Nail Polish


Happy thought: glitter nail polish.


18 Dec '10-13:31
Good for Your Hair


I'm always at war with my hair. Take care of your hair during the cold, dry months. Regularly trim your hair to cut of the bad ends. If you don't, they'll just get worse. Then pamper your scalp. Moisture!


17 Dec '10-10:11
A Cherry Christmas


Mmmm, happy day to me. Want. After all, merry Lips make merry kisses.


19 Nov '10-07:39
Hair Style Tutorial


If there is anyone who knows about hair, it is not me. But here's a cute tutorial featuring a vintage hairstyle for modern times from Elegant Musings. And you can use your hair pin rosettes, if your awesome enough.


18 Nov '10-09:37


My hair equals boring and lame. These rosettes from FXXI are a must have. Pretty, sweet and $2.50.