03 Mar '11-13:31
My Little Hero


A heroic tale for my little hero. Ephraim loves this book. It reminds me of the battles we all must fight. Its a must read.


06 Dec '10-09:47
Periodic Table for Babies


Aw, how cute. I love brainy babies. From ThinkGeek.


08 Nov '10-08:51
Our Melted Brains


Lately Ephraim has been a total fanatic for Disney's Phineas and Ferb. I happen to adore the show, its so clever. But Ephraim's got it bad. At church, instead of singing the Primary songs, he's singing songs from the show. We think he needs to go through rehab, haha. Well, we're going to try to limit his time in front of the tv.

More awesome books from Grandma, John Shefelbine's phonics books. They're really cool and Ephraim likes them. He's now pointing out words from the book whenever we go places.

Jasher is our nocturnal baby. He stays up all night, sleeps in and takes a good long nap during the day. Meanwhile Sean and I are tuning into zombie parents. BRAINS!

Math is starting to crawl. Its an awkward crawl, but its so cute.

21 Sep '10-16:19
I Know What We're Going to Do Today

20100921-2010september21 129.jpg

20100921-2010september21 127.jpg

Act crazy and be silly.

18 May '10-16:54
Today We Yo Gabba Gabba


Yo Gabba Gabba. The show kind of scares me. But the music is good. It was raining earlier. We put on the CD and danced. Like really danced. No distracting video, just dancing to the beat. This is good work out for mommy and make babies tired :)

The Music

The Pixie Shtick

29 Apr '10-12:18
It Starts


I'm not complaining. I think its adorable. Ephraim thinks that his Leap Frog Math Circus video is about his brother, Math. How cute is that? Being a mom is so fun (aka not). Oh my gosh, I'm boring! Sorry, I've been so sleepy lately, yawn!

The Pixie Shtick

26 Mar '10-11:58
Easter Egg Carton

20100326-12010march25 0521.jpg

This Sunday we're doing the Easter lesson in Nursery because General Conference is going to be on Easter Sunday. Here's the Easter gift I'm giving my Nursery kids. I really like the idea of using an egg carton instead of an Easter basket. What's inside the egg?

20100326-22010march25 0612.jpg

A cute chick of course!

20100326-32010march25 0403.jpg

Happy Easter!

The Pixie Shtick

21 Mar '10-17:00
Watch Them Grow

20100321-2010march21 001.jpg

Just like I did last year, I had my Nursery kids plant seeds. We planted pumpkin because it grows quickly and grows BIG. And because I had the seeds lying around my house. Easy. The kids were really excited to see the grown plants. And boy, those kids were wilder than any garden today.

The Pixie Shtick

18 Mar '10-10:01
Sencil Alphabet Art Project


We had a stencil. We had a canvas. We had paint.


I wanted something that displayed the alphabet and numbers in our home. So I taped down this stencil I wasn't using for anything else and let him paint to his desire. I touched it up a bit before hanging it on the wall. Okay, my photography is bad, but looks pretty good, no?

04 Mar '10-12:25
A Beginning Reader


Did I ever mention that I have a pretty cool mother-in-law? Well I do. She's a teacher and not only has she taught countless children how to read, now she's helping teach my children. She's giving us some great materials and curriculum books, including set one of the Bob Books. That's what Ph is currently reading. She must've taught her son right, 'cause my husband has really spent a lot of time reading and counting with him. When we first started it was a little rough, so we went back to letter and beginning word flash cards for a little more practice sounding things out. And now its still a little rough, haha. But with hard work and some M&Ms for bribery, he is doing well and is finally excited about reading. In fact, he's almost annoying about it.

The Pixie Shtick

02 Feb '10-15:12
Letters, Paper and Scissors

20100202-2010january29 068.jpg

Part of making every day fun or educational is coming up with activities for my little guys to do. Now, I like to make paper crafts. Finding fun paper crafts for kids makes my day! And then my day gets rained on because it turns out my son actually has very little interest in them. I've been pretty bummed for a while because most of his coloring pages are left uncolored. This makes activities a little bit harder for me to come up with.

20100202-2010january29 070.jpg

He knows his letters pretty well, and is getting places with reading. Its a long slow process, but its happening. I kinda wish I knew more engaging games with letters and numbers to teach him. Especially numbers. I did get him a bit excited about coloring some letters for me and then we cut them out for some scissor learning skills. We did letters A through H before he got bored. This is an achievement.

The Pixie Shtick