01 Aug '11-14:25
Been Watching Suits


Pretty interesting so far. Who knew. Gotta love USA.

16 May '11-18:31
I heart Sherlock


I'm in love. This is my new favorite show. Droool.

17 Mar '11-17:26
Romantic Fotos



Clever idea. I'm always amazed at photographers who can recreate like this.


27 Jan '11-09:32
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Really cool Anime. Watch it because its awesome. Its on Youtube or Hulu, and its awesome, did I mention that?


19 Jan '11-13:09
Very Unwelcome


If you were wondering where we've been, we are all very sick. But that doesn't mean we've stopped doing housework. I was cleaning the front porch today and finally threw out our old door mat. It was falling apart and the kids kept pulling pieces off and sticking them in their mouth, yuck. So I was thinking about getting a new one. We could always go with the traditional Welcome, but that is often untrue. Why not something a little more straightforward, haha. Honestly, I'd probably go with a simple one like mat #3.

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

11 Jan '11-17:45
Interesting Scarves


The Lady Cartoonist's cool Scarf a Day. This one is interesting, but my favorite is the intestine one.


15 Dec '10-08:46
Oh Deer


My kids are already climbing up on everything. Hmm, do I really want to help them? Haha, anyway, this is really pretty.


08 Dec '10-12:49
Kitty Eggs


Kittybblove on Etsy make the cutest Kitty Egg - things. Like candles and crayons. They're just adorable.


03 Dec '10-08:48
Doily Covered Soap


Cute idea, if you're all into soap. I bet it would make your bathroom adorable.


30 Nov '10-09:54


Loving online magazine Gifted. Its got some sweet styles I'd like to imitate.


20 Nov '10-10:42
Doily Bib


Smile and Wave made this cute doily bib for her daughter's first birthday. How about baby's first Thanksgiving dinner? So adorable.


23 Aug '10-14:07
Having a Rough Day

Powered by Polyvore

I love Polyvore, so check out their new widget. News as far as me goes, I've been jogging, which is very painful. Ephraim is in swimming lessons and doing awesome. Jasher still doesn't speak English and Math is starting to eat baby foods. And life sucks. But I try to keep busy.

16 Jun '10-11:34
Beautiful Baking Book


Gorgeous birthday gift for me, Essentials of Baking. I love cookbooks with pictures! Mmmm make my mouth water. I haven't made any of the recipes myself yet, however, I have tasted some of them and they are quite good. Maybe I will actually learn to cook now.

The Pixie Shtick

02 Apr '10-10:41
I'm Liking Polyvore

Gold Feather
Gold Feather by PixieShtick featuring Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry

New found toy, Polyvore. It brings out the paper doll, magazine clipping side of me.

17 Mar '10-09:53
The New Princess in Town


I didn't want to believe it when I heard that Disney's The Princess and the Frog was a beautiful fairy tale for modern times. I mean, it was the frog prince. How do you make that story into something interesting? But that's exactly what it was. It was very beautiful and it was a sweet story. I love love loved it!

I also thought the part with Evangeline was funny. It reminded me of The Lion King when Timon says the fireflies were stuck up in that big blueish black thing. It made me laugh.

The Pixie Shtick