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08 Nov '10-08:51
Our Melted Brains


Lately Ephraim has been a total fanatic for Disney's Phineas and Ferb. I happen to adore the show, its so clever. But Ephraim's got it bad. At church, instead of singing the Primary songs, he's singing songs from the show. We think he needs to go through rehab, haha. Well, we're going to try to limit his time in front of the tv.

More awesome books from Grandma, John Shefelbine's phonics books. They're really cool and Ephraim likes them. He's now pointing out words from the book whenever we go places.

Jasher is our nocturnal baby. He stays up all night, sleeps in and takes a good long nap during the day. Meanwhile Sean and I are tuning into zombie parents. BRAINS!

Math is starting to crawl. Its an awkward crawl, but its so cute.