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18 Jun '10-11:25
Chalkboard House

20100618-2010june18 0652.jpg

I think we can all agree that chalkboard paint is the coolest. There are so many projects you can do with it. I guess this one is more artistic than useful. It took some work to keep the kids from destroying it before it was finished.

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16 Jun '10-11:34
Beautiful Baking Book


Gorgeous birthday gift for me, Essentials of Baking. I love cookbooks with pictures! Mmmm make my mouth water. I haven't made any of the recipes myself yet, however, I have tasted some of them and they are quite good. Maybe I will actually learn to cook now.

The Pixie Shtick

15 Jun '10-12:11
Trimmed Baby Onesies.



I don't have baby girls, but I have nieces. These onesies are the gift I gave my baby sis at her shower. The shower, by the way, was totally fun. Thanks to everyone who help me put it on, and to everyone that came! I have often lamented that I can't buy girly dresses, yet here I had a opportunity to and didn't. I thought personalizing onesies would be much more thoughtful and unique than picking a random dress from the usual places. Or maybe I was too lazy to drag myself and my kids to the store, haha. Oh, life.