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18 Feb '10-10:05
My Ruffle Pillow


My sister and I have been talking over the phone about learning how to sew and sewing projects we want to do. I found this great Rosette Cluster Pillow on Etsy's blog a while back, so we decided to work on the project together, even though we're hundreds of miles apart.


She was totally awesome and finished hers first. My excuse is I'd been felling kinda sick, cough cough. She used a travel pillow from Target, and made it teal blue. Her rosettes are kind of in an oval shape instead of a stripe, which is totally adorable on a small sized pillow. Mine is saffron yellow on a 16 x 16 pillow and really brightens up my awesomely hideous couch.

We both agreed this was a way fun project that was easy and even relaxing.

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11 Feb '10-09:25
Heartbreaker Valentine


I am so excited for Valentine's Day, when I get to celebrate my love who is totally hot. But I'm also enjoying Valentine's Day crafts with the kids. This one was super easy and fun. Although my kids enjoy the chocolate more than the valentines. They do like all the heart shapes though. And the metal staples make the hearts look hard core! Rock rock on. I love printables. You can find this project on MADE.

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03 Feb '10-10:20
MADE to Celebrate the BOY

20100202-BOY Button Red.png

One of the best things to look forward to this month, celebrating the boy with MADE. Of course I'm always celebrating boys. This is going to be fun.

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