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02 Feb '10-15:12
Letters, Paper and Scissors

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Part of making every day fun or educational is coming up with activities for my little guys to do. Now, I like to make paper crafts. Finding fun paper crafts for kids makes my day! And then my day gets rained on because it turns out my son actually has very little interest in them. I've been pretty bummed for a while because most of his coloring pages are left uncolored. This makes activities a little bit harder for me to come up with.

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He knows his letters pretty well, and is getting places with reading. Its a long slow process, but its happening. I kinda wish I knew more engaging games with letters and numbers to teach him. Especially numbers. I did get him a bit excited about coloring some letters for me and then we cut them out for some scissor learning skills. We did letters A through H before he got bored. This is an achievement.

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