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27 Feb '10-13:37
Dr Seuss at Target


I went to Target with Ph this morning on a whim. It was probably a naughty whim since I was supposed to be going somewhere else. I just thought I'd stop by with for a few things. When I got there I noticed they were having a Dr Seuss Story Time for the kids. I thought Ph might like that, so instead of making a quick run to Target, we stayed for two hours. They had stories, treats, and activity pages (which you can print if you check out their site.) The Target employees read to us. Most of them were young adults and who knows how much experience they've had with reading to children. I thought it was really sweet. Ph was really excited when they read Green Eggs and Ham. He just sat in their bean bag chair all chill with his juice box. When it was time to go he walked away with a red balloon and I picked up a red umbrella. It was a lot of fun.

24 Feb '10-15:38
Book Store Date


My husband and I really like to go out to book stores for date night. We both adore books. This last time we spent most the night in the kids book section. I'm really excited about my son's birthday present, The Little Engine that Could.

22 Feb '10-10:45
Here There Be 'Gators


What started out as a simple question turned into a whole the-pixie-shtick-is-crazy frenzy. Now I've got Alligators on the brain. I'm going to say yes to this pull-apart alligator pan from They've got a whole lot of other pull-part pans on clearance right now, including butterflies, cars, and even a bunny which would be great for Easter. Hopefully this cupcake pan can make even a lazy mom like me look like a cake whiz.

The Pixie Shtick

05 Feb '10-15:01
A Couple of Preppy Boy Outfits


Its raining again. Rainy days are perfect for a little online window shopping. Time for some classic little boy outfits that are down right adorable. Conveniently enough you can check out these entire outfits at their online stores. Meanwhile, I'll be hiding from the rain under a cozy blanket. And I'll probably have a couple of toddlers crawling and jumping on top of me. Ugh, tgif.

Outfit One - Childrens Place
Outfit Two - Crazy8

The Pixie Shtick