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31 Jan '10-19:44
Quilted Ikea Crib Duvet Cover: Fabler Groda

20100131-2010january29 037.jpg

With my last pregnancy I bought this totally adorable duvet cover, Fabler Groda from Ikea. I have an insert for it, but that just wasn't good enough. I wanted to try quilting it. I guess its because quilting is an American tradition. Here's a somewhat of a tutorial if you want to try this too.

20100131-2010january29 045.jpg

So, I put some quilt batting inside. Just so you know, I really don't know anything about quilting. I've never done it before, so I just kind of made this all up. Experienced quilters have my permission to laugh at me now. Okay, at this point sewing around all four edges might be a good idea.

20100131-2010january29 049.jpg

I made a heart template out of junk mail to fit over the image of the tonguing frogs.

20100131-2010january29 052.jpg

You have to pin down the template real good and carefully follow around edge.

20100131-2010january29 063.jpg

To quilt the blanket, I carefully sewed vertical lines down the length of the quilt. My quilt turned out kind of crooked, but its still pretty cute.

The Pixie Shtick

29 Jan '10-13:33
How To Organize Your Digital Photos


This is very serious. Many of you probably already have this digital photography thing down. But I know there are some of you who don't. I know it. You probably figured out how to take a photo. But your do your new photos stay in your camera for-ever? Or maybe you put them in a ridiculous web of file folders on your computer so five weeks later you can't find them again? That sucks.

Okay, first of all have a regular time set where you must sit down and organize photos. I choose to do this at the end of the month. Oh look, its the end of the month. Come on, its not that hard to remember when the end of the month is. By this time you should have all of your home/visiting teaching done. Or maybe you want to do it weekly or even daily, if you have a monster load of photos. The end of the month works best for me. Take your SD card, or however your equipment works, and put those photos onto your computer.

Next, your pictures will be imported into your Pictures folder. You will make a sub folder for the current year and every year. Every time you upload new photos you will put them in the appropriate year folder in a new sub folder. The name of your new sub folder must be the current date, written like so: 2010january28. Always year first, month second, day last. Trust me, this will help a ton. This way, five years from now I wont have to wonder, was that baby photo of my first son or my seventh? Duh, the year is right up front. Unless you have sextuplets.

Now, you have your Pictures folder neatly organized. But what if your computer is shot-gunned? Leaving your photos on your hard drive should only be temporary. You'll want to back them up some way. There are a ton of ways to do this. Put them on a memory card, burn them to CDs, upload them to an online album, whatever you do, don't forget to archive them by year/month/day.

Here's an idea: burn them to CDs and give as gifts them to friends and relatives. That way, if your house burns down while you're away, some one might have a digital copy. But before you give away your photos, make sure you've deleted any pictures that your three year old might have taken of you in your underwear. That happened once.

21 Jan '10-12:33
Rainy Days and Boy Pants.


Its been raining hard all week, but we get a few patches of blue sky now and then. This is a total blessing because California needs the H2O. Watch out for flooding though. Hasn't been too bad in our area, but better be prepared. Keeping warm, and trying to keep up with my son gave me the inspiration to make some pants. Took me a few days, spending about 5 minutes each time I sat down to work on them. Yay, I finished a project. My husband says they look psychedelic. Ph likes them. He's such a good son, he usually likes the things I make. Its time for some good old indoor play.

The Pixie Shtick

04 Jan '10-11:19
First Craft of 2010


Laugh if you will, but one of my new year resolutions is to make more crafts with my Nursery kids. Easier said than done. But how cute did these clothespins turn out! And it turns out we're going to have to try a little harder to make the transition from Nursery to Primary.

Mmm, for dinner we had fish and homemade tomatillo sauce and tortilla chips. Recipe for the sauce is from Well Preserved, a very much appreciated Christmas gift. I totally recommend it.