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17 Dec '09-13:20
Those Old Time Christmas Songs


My brother is pretty obsessed with I must admit it is pretty cool for listening to Christmas music. I just typed in the classic White Christmas by Bing Crosby and there you go, holiday music to listen to while I bake goodies.

08 Dec '09-11:31
Winter Clothing


Every mother of boys knows that there are a lot more options for girl clothes out there that there are for boys. Never! Cute clothes for boys are out there waiting to make our little men look charming. This morning I found my car was frozen. Brrrr. Frost doesn't really happen a lot out here in paradise. Fortunately winter fashion is the best for our guys. Happy shopping!

Duffle Coat

07 Dec '09-12:01
Art It

20091207-Picture 7.png

And when it comes to cute kids I'd like to create a space for their creative genius.


04 Dec '09-09:14
Maternity Shirt


Nothing describes pregnancy like this shirt.


03 Dec '09-08:51
The Trouble with Tribbles


"These tiny furry beasties had a calming effect on the nervous systems of humanoids - well most humanoids, anyway. They were called tribbles." and I so need one. They're totally cute and sweet. Unfortunately, as one country-doctor once quipped, "Well, the nearest thing that I can figure is that they're born pregnant." They breed like wildfire. But you can now get them genetically altered to be sterile, which is good because I already have more offspring than I can handle.

P.S. I also need the dress that chick wears in this episode. You know the one.

The Interactive Tribbles at ThinkGeek
The Trouble with Tribbles at YouTube

02 Dec '09-09:20
Killer Bunnies: A Game I Actually Like


Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is one of my favorite games. Over Thanksgiving holiday my sisters played a lot of games, like Rook, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride. They always complain because I very rarely want to join in on the "fun". But I brought Killer Bunnies along and we got to setting weapons at each other and being amazed at #16 like nobody's business. It was awesome.

01 Dec '09-09:18
For All My Hot Cocoa


I was so happy to see all my dear family for Thanksgiving. I had a really great time. I always appreciate the love that they give my children. Now I'm back at home and I have a house to clean and organize for Christmas. Ph X is really excited for Christmas too, so hopefully I can trick him, I mean, persuade him to help me around the house. And he'll have to help me convince dad to get in the spirit and help us put up Christmas lights.

My sister has a set of stacking mugs from Cost Plus World Market. My mother in law had a few nice pieces from them for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I've tried to make it no secret that I need some kitchen supplies. Be sure to check out my Christmas Wishlist for other great ideas.