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12 May '09-12:40
Princess Tutu



I am just so excited because I got The Complete Collection of Princess Tutu on DVD for mother's day. I love Princess Tutu. She is such a great heroine. That show is just so sweet and beautiful and tragic. Its very bizarre, but that's part of what makes it so awesome. It has such a great storyline. Things are not always what they seem. And, of course, it has a ton of ballet.

10 May '09-17:07
A Mom's Job

I've noticed something about kids. They have a desire to be unconditionally loved by their moms. Actually, I've noticed it more in adults. I've begun to realize just how much like kids grown ups really are, be it good or bad. But I've often seen adults turn to their mothers for praise, support, love, attention, and all that jazz. I'm not smart enough to really tell you why or what it means or anything like that. Its just something I've noticed.

Sibling rivalry is another thing I've noticed come from jealousy of mom's attention. Sometimes I think its kinda funny to watch, especially in grown ups. I think I have even felt it myself a small bit. Well, I hope my kids know I love them each. A mom's job never ends, I guess.

(By the way, unconditional love doesn't mean you don't kick them in the pants when their being total loser brats.)

02 May '09-10:25
Portrait for Melancholy Smile


Oh my gosh you guys, here is a WIP. It takes, like, forever to do a portrait like this. At least, it does for me. This piece really grabbed my attention though. I really want to make sure it turns out good. I had been feeling like I haven't been doing a lot of art lately, so I've been getting busy with it this past while. Of course it takes time to see results. I've worked more on the painting since the above photo. No knowing when it will be finished. For Melancholy Smile.

Its just me and my baby right now. Dad took the big boy on a fathers and sons outing.

01 May '09-13:07
To Die in Kanab


Our book club just read the book by Jack Nelson, To Die in Kanab. Jack Nelson happens to be a brother of one of the ladies in the club. Well, it mentions the disappearance of Everett Ruess, who has apparently been recently found and identified. The book gives a fictional ending to his life.