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09 Jan '09-14:21
Before and After Doll Sofa

Before and After Doll Sofa by ~PixieShtick on deviantART

Well, I wasn't going to just spray paint this Barbie pink couch like the last project. Instead I covered it with some cheap fabric remnant and made some cushions for it. Eh, does the before picture look better than the after? Well, I've never been a good photographer. Of course each project takes some time since I get interrupted a lot. It turned out okay. Could of been better, but its okay.

08 Jan '09-11:54
Before and After Table + Chair

Before and After Table + Chair by ~PixieShtick on deviantART

To ease my restlessness I been working giving old thing dug out of the garage a makeover. You'll be seeing fotos of these projects as I finish them. For the most part I want to have before and after pics, because I like looking at before and after pics myself. However, I'm not always good at taking the before pic. I just get so darn excited about getting to work on the darned thing. But ne'er fear, I'm sure the end result will always be far superior.

While I was visiting my parents over Christmas, I asked my mom if I could please have some of our old toys I knew were boxed up in the garage. She said sure. Actually she said a few people have asked her for those toys, but since I was the first one to go in there and dig 'em out I'm the winner. Whoo hoo.

My first finished piece is this lovely table and chair set from a Playschool dollhouse. Before it was the yellowing old pink you see above. I used Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic to paint it brown. I know what you're thinking - wow, that is pretty amazing. It was my first time using Krylon Fusion and I was much impressed by how easy it was to use. Much quicker than having to prime and vanish the plastic.