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10 Dec '08-21:55
A Break from the Annoying

I had a bad day today. I'm allowed to have those right. In fact, it wasn't the worst day ever. I just got really tired of my kids and their problems. The baby pooed all over . . . everything. And Ephraim was screaming at me for over an hour. Before that he'd basically been trying to beat me up all day. So, that was fun. Anyway, I did some awesome baking. So sweet. And when Sean got home we were at the door waiting. I handed him the baby and ran without looking back. I totally went shopping, by myself! Didn't buy much, but it was nice to just see something different, ya know. Plus I could make evil plans hahahaha (Tadase-kun laugh!) I was glad to come back home and find the world hadn't ended. I really do love my family. They are teh best!

04 Dec '08-15:29

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

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