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12 Dec '08-22:00
So Many Trains!

We just had, like, the best day ever. My family went to Knott's Berry Farm today and I took the boys too. Ephraim was so excited. To him the roller coasters were trains. So you can imagine. Everywhere we looked there were tons of "trains". He loved going on the rides with his cousin and his grandma. Knott's has been a family favorite for years. I'm glad I could take my children there. And I went on a roller coaster for the first time in five years. I was frightened to go on it but it was totally awesome. We had a most excellent time indeed.

04 Dec '08-12:46
Toy Story

Ephraim really likes that movie. He asks for it a lot. I don't own that movie. He needs to be over at his grandparents house to see that one. But I have a few Woody dolls. Had them for some time now. He never paid much attention to them till he started to really get into this movie. Now he actually plays with them. He's an awesome kid. That trid of mine.