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16 Oct '08-09:00
Pull Out Your Sheep!

Happy Other Sheep Day! A day for celebrating. Last year I made a cake. This year I think I'll make a scrapbook page. I should probably do something to reach out to other sheep or something like that. And read John 10:16. Rock rock on all you seminary students out there!

09 Oct '08-21:14

This week one of my all time favorite movies was re-released on DVD. That is Disney's Sleeping Beauty. That movie is so sweet. I don't own too many girl movies, but this is one I really like. Ephraim likes the fairies. He laughs at the part where they're fighting over the pink/blue dress. He has the cutest giggle. He also finds the dragon interesting. Poor Dragon. We've pretty much been watching Back to the Future everyday since, like, forever. That's his all time favorite. All three of them, particularly one and three (duh). But another time travel movie has joined his list of favorites. That's right, my son loves Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. He totally digs the excellent music. He's raised on the classics, as you can see.