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27 Aug '08-20:53
Maybe I'm a Bad Influence

But I don't regret it. My son ripped my mom's shirt while they were playing together. I was sad it happened because it was a cute blouse. Knowing my mom isn't someone who often buys things for herself, I persuaded her to shopping to get a new one to replace it. I don't think she was too keen on the idea, but she found one that makes her look fabulous. And my sister found a flirty looking dress that looks gorgeous on her too. Perhaps it was wrong of me to talk them into buying anything, but I thought they looked beautiful. Kelly says hi.

21 Aug '08-14:54

My mom brought me a variety of my grandparents' fruit, as I previously mentioned she would. I didn't make jam, but I did make applesauce since I had a good sized bag of apples. It was totally fun, and I think it picked me up out of the slump I'm in. Don't let me fool you, I'm no applesauce making expert. I've canned a few things. A very few things. But I thought I'd try my hand at this. I ended up with 3 full jars, and one mostly full jar that we'll have to eat. No big. Its not the sweetest applesauce ever, but its good. Yay! The sweet aroma of the hot sauce. The sound of popping jar lids. I'm glad I got that done. And I took pics of my makeshift method, which . . . eh, you can see them later.

20 Aug '08-15:51
American Eagle is Finally Up

So my dad and Sean have been working on this project for sometime and its finally live on the website, They're pretty excited about it and I think it looks great. The giclee comes with an awesome frame, and most people pick mahogany. I can see why, its beautiful and a popular color, but personally I think I like the gold best. Anyway, way to go dad!

19 Aug '08-11:29
Since Birth is on My Mind

As I get closer to my due date, its always good to be prepared. If you're going to be hanging out with me in the next couple of weeks (or with any pregnant woman ever), I'd appreciate it if you were prepared as well. Chances are I'm not going to pop a baby out right in front of you, but I thought it would be good for everyone to know what to do in case of an emergency delivery. Read if you like, but be warned, somethings might seem totally gross if your not familiar with the process. If you're a worry wart, like me, take comfort knowing you can usually get to a hospital or other professional help before the baby is born. You can also read about what to do during the process of labor so you know what typically goes on before the baby is born. Don't worry, I have a few weeks yet.

07 Aug '08-16:45
Pride and Prejudice vs Pride and Prejudice

Yeah, yeah, I know this is an old review since the fancy new Pride and Prejudice came out in 2005, but I was watching the 1995 tv mini series one recently (again), so I wanted to say some words. First of all, I think it might be nice to have a newer, more fancier version of the story. Its such an awesome story. But the mini series is still my absolute favorite version, even if it is old and long and most people fall asleep their first time through it. Its so the best. When the new one came out in theaters I probably didn't go see it because I was scared and/or I didn't want to waste my time and money. My family actually bought the DVD, if I'm not mistaken, shortly after its release and told me I should watch it. They did warn me if I was to enjoy it, it was not to be compared to the other movie. But honestly, how is that even to be done? Of course I'm going to compare, even if I try not to. I know the movie maker people also know that its going to be compared. But they go on with the show. So the movie starts out, I'm trying to keep and open mind, and immediately I'm impressed by the scenery, the costumes, the beautiful antique looking crap they have set up. It looks nice. But then I started hating it. Keira Knightly was awful as Elizabeth. She was annoying and in no way came off charming or clever to me. This may seem strange but, WHERE ARE KEIRA KNIGHTLY'S BOOBS? I know I'm not the only person to ask that question. Okay, sometimes flat chests happen, but, ew. Their Mr Darcy wasn't bad. Their Mr Collins made me want to cry. Their Wickham made me want to barf, though I don't really like the guy in the other movie either. Sadly, Mr Bennet, who is one of my favorite characters in the older version, is as boring as plain rice in this one, but he's not a horrible interpretation on their part. And another serious problem I have with that movie is all the nudity. They must have thought, "How can we stick naked people in here? Maybe if we call it 'art,' no one will notice." I noticed. Anyway, there are a ton of other things that can be griped about in that movie, but I'm done with my rant.

01 Aug '08-09:32
Pics and Paint

Okay, I know I've been totally lame in the picture taking department, but I've decided I would at least try to upload pics once a month. So new pics are in the baby gallery. I also put up some of my paintings in my deviantART page, where you can check out my occasional artsy fartsy stuff.