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25 Jul '08-00:39
Midnight Date

12:41 am: After a few hours of tossing I realized my only hope was ice cream. Fortunately I have a white knight who took me on a romantic date to the nearest 24 hour place we knew of. It was quite spontaneous and very sweet.

10 Jul '08-07:36
Cramps and A New Look

I got extremely bored so my husband whipped up a new look for me. Ta-dah!

Today I will tell you about leg cramps. They are so exciting. If you never experienced one, oooh, you are in for a treat. They are a normal occurrence during pregnancy. They come on at night, when you least expect it. And they come on fast and hard, so all you can do is cry out in pain and freak out your sleeping husband. There are all kinds of things you can do for prevention, including stretching, drinking water, eating bananas, and so on. Last night I did a lot of stretches because I felt if I didn't I would surely cramp up. Cramps don't happen every night. I had a lot more during my previous pregnancy, if I recall correctly. I got them so bad, it hurt to walk. You see, they attack at night and cause extreme pain, the kind of pain that one mom related caused her to yell at her husband the kinds of things you here people joke are said in the delivery room. The pain lasts for a few seconds that seem like hours, but with some gentle massaging or ice the pain subsides enough that you can move once more and you can stop crying. But it doesn't mean your leg stops hurting. If you're lucky, you will only feel slightly sore for the rest of the night. I've had more of that variety lately. If you're unlucky, the pain will haunt you well into the following day. I know this from experience.

In other news, Ephraim is getting a new molar. This is making his nose runny and causing him to stick his fingers in his mouth and drool.

06 Jul '08-23:06
Modern Art

This is not going to be a commentary on Modern Art, otherwise it would be categorized in Cool Stuff instead of My Issues. No, this is about boring old me.

Being encouraged by my husband and inspired by my father, I decided it was time to get out my birthday present of paints and paint something cool! I haven't painted in a while because I've never found a real good time. As it is, I was painting while I should have been putting my son to bed. Most of my crafty artistic side has been put into scrapbooking lately. Scrapbooking is awesome. Its also very safe. There's a process involved and I always get the same result of a 12x12 page preserving pictures and history with awesome paper in fancy layouts. But in painting I'm trying to capture something much more difficult. In any case, yeah, I started painting. This time around I'm doing some experimenting with the paint and I'll see what comes of it. Hopefully my work will turn out to be something worth looking at in the end.

So my husband walks in on me setting up the beginnings of my painting and asks, "What is that? Modern art?"