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31 Jul '08-08:36
Still Waiting

I kinda feel like I'm forever waiting. Waiting for naptime, waiting for the weekend, waiting for next week, next month, and still waiting for September! I've got about a month and a half now and I'm feeling it. I'm tired pretty much all the time. I've come to realize that I need to have the air conditioner on, even though its been a pretty comfortable 80 degrees out here. But I get pretty cranky if things aren't cool. Ephraim and I have plenty to do to keep us busy, but boredom still happens for both of us. He'd rather be at the park all day. In fact, on Tuesday, he pretty much was. I was doing laundry that morning, and he was running around with the neighborhood kids in the grassy area in front of our laundry room while we waited for our clothes. We came inside, felt the earthquake, had lunch and went to the park. We left the park when I thought he was tired enough to take a nap. I still don't know if he did take a nap, all I know is I put him in his room and left him there for an hour. He was quiet the whole time, so I think he did take a short nap. Then it was time to get daddy. We picked up Sean and headed for the park again. Had dinner there and played with Ephraim until dark. It was Ephraim's ideal kinda day. My ideal kinda day is staying indoors where its cool and working on awesome craft projects. That's Ephraim's worst nightmare. I swear, yesterday he was so mad I even tried to pick up the floor. He kept ramming himself into my legs for about four hours straight. I'm not joking, I had a clock, I kept time. But I had an awesome time with him. I totally realized he just wants my undivided attention, so I tried playing all kinds of games with him. I just wish most of his games didn't include jumping on mom or running into her over and over again. I threw a few more letters at him, but you can keep track of those by reading Sean or Sue's blog. Well, he wants my attention again. Adios.