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27 Jun '08-12:16
So Much for That

I tried growing some flowers this year. I wanted to see if I could grow anything on my lame patio that only gets about 15 minutes of sun everyday. They were doing great though, I was totally excited about them. Until some evil caterpillars came and ate them. So much for that.

13 Jun '08-08:35

The love of my life, NOT! My sister and I were discussing recently how much we hate food. It is so very true. We really hate that you have to have food to survive. Right now I especially hate food. Its bad enough when you have to prepare a meal three times a day, but babies and pregnant women have to eat more frequently than that. Snacks on hand are a necessity. I'm always hungry and I never want to eat anything. Don't be surprised if you offer me a perfectly good meal and its turned down for something as simple and comforting as toast. Food happens.

Another problem I have with food is the grocery store. I've been going there about twice a week. I know that's not very economical, but I can only buy so much at a time because carrying in multiple loads from the car by myself with a toddler man is simply out of the question. This week I had a big strong man go with me and we were able to accomplish so much more, but that doesn't always happen. Though grocery shopping is a lot more fun now that I have my baggu bags. That's right. Fun colorful, reusable bags. They throw my baggers for a loop sometimes.

Third problem I have with food. I really hate bringing this one up because if I haven't ruined your appetite already, this certainly will. Turn away if your easily disgusted. So sad, but true. We have bugs in our apartment. Always have. Sean does everything he can to get rid of them, but its still an ongoing battle. Its also really gross and leaves us not wanting to eat much at all.

That being said, the only thing I asked for for my birthday was sherbet.