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06 Jun '08-11:13
Baby Gifts: For Those of You Who Love Me

Everyone knows one of the best things about being pregnant is the baby gifts. Even though I'm not really planning on having a baby shower, how could I resist going to Target and scanning all my favorite things. They have the most convenient registry, even though I don't think they have the best selection on baby gear. And who doesn't shop at Target? Anyway, some of the things say available only online or out of stock, but I've noticed that's not necessarily true, and you don't have to stick die hard to the list, just ask me if your stumped. I don't really expect all of my millions of readers to get me a gift, but in case you do I wanted to point you in a good direction. I know everyone's favorite gift is to get a totally cute new baby outfit, and I certainly won't turn any down, but the truth is I have a lot of Ephraim's old clothes in storage coming out of my ears. But hey, Ephraim's always in need of new clothes.

05 Jun '08-08:27
Chinese Takeout Lemon Chicken

I pretty much didn't really learn how to cook until after marriage. I'm still learning. But I wasn't surprised my sister was experiencing the same thing. She called yesterday in need of a recipe to make something for her husband. Fortunately I had recently tried something that made me think of my brother-in-law right away. Its super easy too. I gave her the recipe for Chinese Takeout Lemon Chicken and she said he loved it. That pretty much made my day.