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30 May '08-09:24
Prince Caspain

I've put off saying this for a while now and I wish I had said this earlier. I suspected from the beginning that Indiana Jones was going to be another completely stupid action movie with great special affects and nothing else. I avoided seeing it at all costs because I'm tired of all the movies like that that have sadly become so popular. I mean, doesn't it hurt your brain to watch them. It hurts mine. Anyway, I went to see Prince Caspian not really knowing if it was going to be stupid or not. Over all I'd say I really liked it. They added a lot of things to the story, some of which I think was good and some bad. Like that kiss. Totally unnecessary. And gross. Did it ruin the movie for me? No, not really. At least I didn't feel like my intelligence was being insulted because they had a good story to back up their Hollywood style drama. So I hear Indiana was stupid. Go watch Caspian.

29 May '08-17:12
And That's How It Really Is

Me? I'm doing fine. Except I need about three more hours of sleep than my toddler does everyday. Also, I don't think I've ever peed so often in my life. I need a toilet every hour. And I still have to change poopy diapers. I have another complaint. Where can I find modest maternity clothes? I'm beginning to think they don't exist. If I could find modest shirts, I'd be wearing them. But nobody can sell a complete shirt. I guess it because layering is really in right now. Invented by people who live in New York or some other cold place, I'm so sure. You can't buy one modest shirt, but you can buy two immodest shirts and get a great layering effect that's perfect for itchy bellies in summer heat. Actually it hasn't been all that hot here, but its still not comfortable.

15 May '08-21:37
Life Bites

We've been watching a lot of Back to the Future, because its Ephraim's favorite movie. I just had it playing all day, while I was doing chores. Ephraim likes to sing along with the movie sometimes. Its terribly cute. My day went from bad to worse to even more worse to horrid and unspeakable. I'll spare you most the details, but I did get a curious bug bite. Ha! That's how interesting my life is. I was bitten, every one! Big news! Anyway, Sean quick and made up a baking soda concoction to put on it and relief from itching was immediate. Cool. Then my little man got liquid poo every where . . . .

08 May '08-18:53
Happy Mother's Day! Early!

So my early mother's day gift is my son started calling me mommy. Okay, he still calls me daddy too, but it was nice.

04 May '08-20:17
Name Game

I've still got some time but Sean and I are having a hard time coming up with a name we can both agree on for our second son. This is a plea for help! I'll be open to suggestions, but I have a few rules. First, it can't be too common. Second, it can't be too modern. Third, it has to be nerdy enough that my husband will like it. And forth, it shouldn't have a negative meaning. Ha! Good luck with that. You'll have to think really hard because I'm guessing you're suggestions will probably be rejected. No offense to ya.