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27 Apr '08-10:20
Date at the Park

We went to Gio's birthday party at the park. Happy Birthday! It was extremely sunny and a lot of fun. Woody from Toy Story came to the party and was a big hit. All the kids were excited to play with him, except Ephraim. Ephraim was the youngest one there and I don't think he recognized him. He only cared about running around on the playground. There he found a bike with an attached carrier on wheels for children and he was fascinated by it. Soon the father and daughter who owned the bike came around and offered to give Ephraim a ride around the park. Ephraim really enjoyed it and the father said he and his daughter, Audrea, were babbling to each other the entire time. The toddlers were both sad when the ride was over. Anyway, Ephraim had a fun day, got to hit a piņata, and took a long nap when he got home.

In other news, he called his dad "Sean" this morning.

22 Apr '08-08:01
Parental Abuse

I've been promoted a little. Instead of calling me daddy all the time, sometimes my son calls me Cassey. Its a step. My son is kinda a violent person. A few days ago I got in a fight with him where I had to smack him a few times. I felt pretty bad about it, but I came away with injuries too. He was fighting tooth and nail and even drew blood. I have the wounds to prove it. Mostly he's the one beating himself up though, so that gives me a little comfort too. He doesn't like me very much right now because I've lost my voice while he's discovering the joy of communication. I'm about as sick as he was a few weeks ago. He didn't talk much while he was sick either, so we're even.

15 Apr '08-11:23
My Big Baby

Ephraim has been awfully sick this past week, but fortunately he's over it now. I felt so bad for the poor thing, he was just miserable. Anyway, now that he's better there have been a few changes around here. We bought him a big kid bed which we are trying to get him to sleep in. He does pretty well with it, though he still wakes up a few times during the night. That happened when he was in his crib too. The crib has been put away until we need to pull it out for someone else. Also, we are not going to be moving anytime soon. I'm sure Sean will update y'all on that later. Um . . . that's it for now. Bye.