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05 Dec '07-09:17
What a Romance is Supposed to be Like

Romance novels are of course directed towards women because men don't read them, but if they did I would recommend Jane Austin, though she can be boring sometimes, she's very realistic and clever. When a woman reads a romance she likes to be able to relate to the heroine and the hero has to be charming, the reader wants to feel like she's the one falling in love. If the hero isn't charming it just doesn't work. Though some of the worst romances are the ones where the hero is some perfect guy and the heroine is a whiny brat, I hate those. In any case, you have to feel for the characters, right? I just finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austin. I've read all of her other books and this one is my least favorite. Perhaps it is just because I've been in a bad mood this week. PMS. I totally adore Fanny who is the main character of the book. I can relate to her because she is terribly shy. From the beginning she is in love with Edmund but he is in love with Miss Crawford, the hussy. You are supposed to feel Fanny's anguish but as the book drug on for - ev - er I began to hate Edmund who could talk of nothing but Miss Crawford (who was not a very nice person) every time he opened his mouth. When you begin to hate the hero you have to have hope that he will mend his ways in the end and realize that Fanny is the awesome one. And that happened sorta. Mostly he realized that Miss Crawford was a stupid hoe who he should not marry. But with approaching the end of the book I was expecting him to go for Fanny much sooner than he did. I felt Miss Austen got lazy and decided to end her book that was long enough already (its her longest). On the last two pages she simply stated that since Edmund could not have Miss Crawford that he would just settle for Fanny instead, which made Fanny very happy. Now, it was late, and I wasn't feeling very well, but I was very upset with this ending. In my opinion there is nothing sweet or romantic about that. Poor Fanny! But here shows Jane Austen's realism. This is a very realistic situation. It happened to me twice. I'm sure a guy would like and relate to this story much better than I did. I really enjoyed all her other books. Especially Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey.