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30 Dec '07-13:52
My Rebuke

Come on you guys, don't you get it? I made Sean breakfast in bed because I appreciate him. Don't you know how appreciation works? Its something that has to be given out of love. Not by force or begging or snatching at with greedy hands. I feel a Mormon Ad coming on: It's nice to be important but its more important to be nice.

27 Dec '07-16:46

Congratulations to the Mechams who have a new baby girl!

17 Dec '07-09:38
Apple-Pomegranate Sparkling Cider

Yay! Today is our anniversary! Happy Three years! I have apple-pomegranate sparkling cider in the fridge to celebrate! We have a fun and busy 2 weeks ahead of us. I've had some fun this last week, too. I made a friend in the ward. She has a cute little redheaded boy and Ephraim and him are best buddies. We went shopping together and worked on sewing projects together and the little ones watched Charlie Brown Christmas movies and played with cars. It was great. And her husband is cool to. He lent me some DVDs and his DS so I can play Dawn of Sorrow. I'm so excited about that. I get to kill all kinds of mega cool monsters and I almost fainted when I saw Arikido (but I didn't cause that would have been embarrassing, sighs). Okay, back to reality. My son is super cute. This morning we cuddled and he was trying to figure out what hair was. He pointed at my hair and his hair and asked "what is it?" multiple times. He's so smart. And he's doing so good in nursery too. And I love my husband.