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16 Oct '07-09:44
John 10:16

Happy Other Sheep Day! To celebrate we've made a cake and decorated it with a frosting sheep. I also got some white balloons to decorate as sheep. If you have no idea what I'm talking about read my blog entry posted January 24, and also read John 10:16.

09 Oct '07-10:55
Disney Princesses Part 2: Aurora

Sleeping Beauty has to be my all time favorite Disney Princess. She's beautiful, graceful, and has crazy soprano skills. The movie is just a sweet, classic fairytale. Not to mention Prince Phillip is probably the coolest P.C. out there! He gets to use a sword and slay a dragon! Okay, so he got some help from fairies, big deal. Hey, the Pixie Shtick has no problems with fairies. She's not getting the best merchandise though. With all this new Disney Princess stuff in stores now, each princess has an assigned color. Aurora's is pink. Barbie Pink! I don't have anything against pink, but yikes!

Disney Princess Color Code

Aurora = Pink
Cinderella = Blue
Snow White = Red
Ariel = Purple
Belle = Yellow
Jasmine = Teal

Occasionally they will sell some Pocohantas and Mulan things along with the others, but for the most part its just those six.

03 Oct '07-00:00
Disney Princesses Part 1: Ariel

The Little Mermaid is a tale I have always found to be strange. If you read Hans Christian Anderson, he's just wierd man. I have yet to find a rendition of that story that I really like. But I find the Disney movie to be just down right annoying. I used to like it as a kid, but now I just see Ariel as a rebelious, whiny teenager who has some blaringly bright red hair. Not to mention it totally blows over the entire moral of the story. They did improve on the P.C.'s character (Eric), that jerk. The music isn't bad and I have to admit that Sebastian is pretty cool. Can't deny the crab. And what's wrong with being a little random sometimes.