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14 Jul '07-09:00
For Kids?

I just saw an article about The Order of the Phoenix movie entitled something like "Harry Potter still for Kids?" Um, anyone who has read the books will noticed that as Harry grows older the story grows older to, meaning for an older audience. I've been laughing at people who thought Harry Potter were just "kids" books for a long time.

13 Jul '07-16:09
The Devil Wears Pink

Or diapers. For the past few days, my baby man has been screaming at me all day long. I'm really tired of it. I did get to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday and that was really cool. I liked the movie a whole lot. I'd say it was my favorite of all the Harry Potter movies. To me all of the other movies felt like I was watching books they were trying to force into a movie, which is true. But this time I actually felt like I was watching a real movie. Another interesting fact is that it was the longest book and the shortest movie. They cut out a lot but it turned out fine. And Kelly said "the devil wears pink."

10 Jul '07-11:46
Slumber Party

You would think that I would be so tired after not sleeping for so long, but no, I had a pretty good day and the next night I slept very well. And then I had another late night. I stayed the night with my sister and we partied until three in the morning. And I'm surprisingly in a good mood. Now Crys and I are going to have a fun girl's day and do girly things. And I love my husband.

08 Jul '07-08:56
Good Morning

I couldn't sleep last night at all. Really. So I stayed up all night, something I hadn't done in years. After lying in bed for a couple hours with no success at all I got up around two and I still couldn't bring myself to go to bed at seven, even though I knew I would hate myself as soon as my son and husband woke up and had demands. Finally at eight I lay down to sleep. At eight-thirty Sean woke up with demands. Life sucks. If I had demands, I would be treated like a diseased alien cow.