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14 Jun '07-10:45
Flag Day

Happy Flag Day ya'll! Yesterday was my B-day. I'd like to thank everyone who gave me such nice gifts, I appreciate them all. So I'm older now but I still feel young compared to all my mom friends. Last night, while I was out with the girls I was called a baby when my age was discovered. I was actually called a baby by a young woman who was only 22, but I suppose she thought she went out to eat with a bunch of old married ladies and then found out I was younger than her. It's strawberry season at Coco's.

08 Jun '07-14:15

Um . . . I'm bored. Here's a cool video about women in art. My sister called me today, begging me to come over and visit, I didn't really want to because I knew it would be boring, but she convinced me we would have fun. It was boring. I'm going out later tonight though. Ephraim and I have been kicked out of the house. I don't really mind. I'll find somewhere fun to be. Sure isn't here.