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25 Apr '07-21:58
Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula

So the other day I came across this fan fiction about the game Castlevania, I was laughing so hard my sister in the other room thought I was crying. I told her I was crying because there were tears, my stomach ached I was laughing so hard. I guess its not really all that funny to other people, but I found it hysterical. Make sure that you can hear the man reading the story because that's the best part.

12 Apr '07-14:09
Phil in the Circle

Check out one of my favorite artists at Phil Hansen is an amazing artist I just can't get over. He does some out of control art that blows me away every time. I often wonder where he gets all his ideas from. Stop reading this, cause nothing I write does him justice, you have to see it for yourself.

10 Apr '07-15:19
My Calling

I'm now working in the nursery! I like nursery and so does Ephraim. He's still technically too young but what else can I do. He really likes watching the older kids. We're going to have so much fun together. I think one downside about being in nursery with him is he'll always have me with him. Sometimes it's good for kids to not be with their parents, but no big. I'm happy.

09 Apr '07-20:45
Baby Gutenberg

The baby man is becoming a toddler, demanding more independence or he'll scream. He's always exploring. Today in the tub he put his hand down the drain and got stuck, and when I finally got it out he had a cut on his thumb, poor thing. He didn't cry though. At least not until I told him he couldn't have my cell phone, then he got really mad. This evening he stuck his hand in the printer trying to discover where the paper magically appeared from. He got ink all over his hand and Sean called him Gutenberg's protege.

07 Apr '07-18:59

All I've done for Easter this year is dye 5 boiled eggs. They were good. I tried to take Ephraim to an egg hunt, but it started to rain so it was canceled, instead we stayed in doors and had pizza. Oh well. All that stuff isn't really the important part. Thanks Sue, for the chocolate! It's always so nice when you visit.