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27 Feb '07-11:48
Wild Animals

So on my trip I saw a few wild animals I had never seen before. Just thought I'd tell you a little more about my trip, since I haven't really said that much. I saw a bald eagle flying. That was cool. I also saw a wolf in the wild. The whole trip was completely beautiful.

19 Feb '07-20:26

Okay, Washington was amazing, my nephew is so cute! and everything is good. The weather was beautiful. Foggy most the time. We stopped to eat on the way back in northern California, and when I got out of the car I was squinting. That was when I noticed I hadn't seen the sun in a while. I didn't really miss it too much. Seattle was kinda cute for a big city. The baby man was very good during those long drives. He learned how to walk and to wave. The whole trip was just so much fun. I'm glad to be home and see my Sean though.