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23 Dec '06-11:50
Christmas and Motherhood

I've always heard how Christmas the worst time of the year for mothers, but I never really believed it. This is my first Christmas as a mother and now I know the rumor is true. Maybe things will only get better, I have a couple more days.

13 Dec '06-22:55
Quiet People Have Fellings Too.

Today I helped put on an enrichment activity. It was fun. People kept complimenting me, which was nice, but I was getting frustrated. No one ever listens to me. I know it's mostly my own fault because I have a quiet voice and definitely don't have an aggressive, assertive personality, but that doesn't mean I don't have anything important to say. Those loud type A people in my life who always get their way are really annoying me right now.

12 Dec '06-15:40

Today I broke my little toe. I was running around trying to take care of a crying baby man and I hit my toe on the side of the couch. It quickly swelled double it's size and hurts a heck of a lot. While Sean and I were deciding what to do, the baby man came and sat on it. We put him in his crib and ice on my toe. Then Sean taped it together to keep it from moving.