Yesterday, I had the opportunity to make some significant progress on my sprinkler system.

During the week I had worked hard to finish up the drip line connections in the front yard. (That is, the PVC runs out to the where the drip line is connected. I haven't actually connected the drip line yet.) I also finished putting in all but one sprinkler head in the main lawn area.

Yesterday morning I finished half of the sprinkler system in the strip of lawn between the sidewalk and the street. After that I went under the house to replace the last remaining length of galvanized piping that was running out to the front yard. I used a hack saw to cut off the galvanized pipe, which was really the wrong way to go about it. I'd done that sort of thing before without too much trouble, but under a house, where there's limited space to move, it's really hard to get full strokes, apply good pressure, and avoid dirt falling in your face. I should mention that there was also a possum down there, and he didn't seem to like my activity. I spent the first little while a bit nervous about the possum. My wife also came down with a fever (which I didn't know until later) and was having trouble with the kids, which didn't help me to concentrate. My Elders Quorum President recommended that I should have used a pipe wrench to unthread the pipe, but I didn't have a pipe wrench. With hindsight, I should have cut through half inch copper instead. It would have taken me less than 15 minutes rather than an hour and a half.

In the end, I messed up the copper connection I was trying to make and had to call my Elders Quorum President over to help me get it right. He came over. We got it right. I owe him.

Now I have to finish the PVC and work on the timer installation this week. (I'll need to go back under the house to run the timer wires, but that's it.)

It's really a mess under our house. (I don't imagine that to be unusual.) I found an old Parcheesi board, an old school book, and an old cigar box; Cubans, if I recall correctly, distributed through Florida. The school book isn't in great condition. That is, the cover is pretty thrashed, but the actual contents are readable. The title, I believe, is Chip, and I can't find anything about it. (Perhaps I got it wrong though. I'll have to get it out and examine it more closely.)

There's a lot of debris under the house, and some of the wiring is pretty oddly done, with wires just lying loose in the dirt. Some connected to nothing. I discovered the connections for the phone lines (which should be tidied up) and I discovered that a wire that I have hanging out of a grating in our back yard actually comes from a heater. I have no idea what the wire is for. Apart from that, there was plenty of scrap pipe, wood, and other things. I cleared out some of it, but only as it got in my way, or was found interesting.

In other news, it appears that at least two people have tried to use my Twitter plugin for Nucleus CMS. The only people that I have heard from are two individuals who have run into problems. I have to imagine there are more people using it who have had success with it, but those aren't the sorts of people one actually hears from. It works for me, anyhow, and I am my target customer.