Today was a busy day. I started the day with a trip to Home Depot, then Lowe's, because Home Depot didn't have everything I wanted. (Lowe's didn't either, but they had more.) I needed a stop valve to replace one under my bedroom sink that leaks, some cord for my weed whacker, and some various items (wood, screws, etc.) for a project Cassey is working on.

Today, I planned to whack up more of the overgrown weeds that once used to be my entire front yard. I have a lot of yard work to do, and I'd nearly filled up my green-waste can disposing of the greater part of an old overgrown bird of paradise that sits next to our front door. I made sure to leave some space, however, for my weed whacking.

I whacked the weeds, while Cassey was out shopping. I let Ephraim water the lawn, and he did a pretty good job. Lots of water ran into the street, and he got thoroughly soaked, but he followed instructions pretty well. For my part there are still a couple of overgrown sections, but I plan to get those next week. I made sure to clear the area near my neighbor's driveway, which made a mess on his driveway, but I had already made a mess there, and I figured that if I finished the job there today, then next week I wouldn't have to make such a mess.

The mess, however, needed to be taken care of, so when the weed-whacking was done, I took the weed-whacker into the garage and emerged with a large push-broom.

Ephraim, by now, had flooded the front-lawn quite thoroughly. The flooding was so effective, that, lo-and-behold, he'd flushed out our new gopher. (Sassy, as you may recall, had eaten or former gopher back in February.)

I ran over with the push-broom and began herding the gopher to prevent it's finding a new hiding place. Unfortunately, I had just seen Sassy head to the back yard when I went to put the weed-whacker away. I eventually determined to get the gopher off of the grass, which I managed to do, while informing Ephraim that it was not safe to touch the gopher (because gophers bite). Ephraim was quite curious all the same and, while keeping a safe distance, he didn't stay so far back that I was made to feel at ease.

Anyhow, I eventually worked the gopher up the driveway, a safe distance from any possible escape, and then quickly went off in search of Sassy, while a little warning light blinked in my head alerting me to the danger that Ephraim might try to touch the gopher despite all of my warnings. Sassy, fortunately had been heading back to the front yard, so she was right around the corner. I quickly scooped her up and showed her Ephraim's find. Sassy needed no further instruction regarding the import of the situation and she quickly began the work of disposing of the unfortunate gopher.

The gopher really had it pretty good, because Sassy killed it pretty quickly. (Cats don't always do that, but then, I've never seen her, or any other cat, waste time playing with anything as formidable as a rodent.)

Ephraim was spell-bound, and though I tried to divert his attention to watering the remaining unwatered portion of the yard, he would have nothing of it, though at the very least I was able to get him to promise to stay back and not touch Sassy.

I finished watering the yard, and eventually Ephraim lost interest. (Ephraim said that the gopher was gone, but I could see that wasn't quite so, though almost.) Ephraim was soaked, so I stripped him down at the entryway and instructed him to find a blanket. I then went to finish putting things away.

I came back to find Cassey had returned home, so I told her about Ephraim's latest accomplishments.

Ephraim is a very accomplished young man.