So, the first big news is that the destroyer has passed me by. I'm not being let go. Not that I expected I would, but I mentioned the possibility, so I thought folks might like to know that the possibility is no more. (As of Monday.)

On Wednesday we had two offers come back with an enthusiastic "Please buy now!" One of the houses needed a lot of work, but was extremely inexpensive (for this area, $290,000) and had potential, but the house has a fireplace and no heater. We told our agent that if the fireplace wasn't sufficient to count as a heater, we weren't interested, end of story. Well, when my agent came back to us about it, I had him clarify what the status was with the heater, and, at least as far as our lender is concerned, the fireplace doesn't count as a heater. Not sure why our agent bothered bringing it up then. Anyhow, it made that choice easy.

The second house was much nicer 1,500 square feet (50% larger than out 1,000 square feet minimum) on a 6,500 square foot lot. (Most we look at are about 5,000 square foot lots.) Cassey loved the house, and I liked it, but it's outside the ward boundaries. I kind of wanted to stay in the ward and I think I more especially want to now that I've just gotten this new calling as Ward Clerk. There's still a lot to learn, and I'd rather like to learn it. Anyhow, I told the agent to move forward with an inspection and to give me at least until the inspection results are returned and digested before locking us in to anything. In the meantime I'll give it some prayerful attention.

After a couple of days of good health, Ephraim went back to vomiting on Thursday morning. He didn't eat much more than crackers and juice all yesterday and this morning, and what he ate he seems to have regurgitated regularly. This morning he returned his breakfast to me while we were heading towards the car. Fortunately I could tell he was probably going to throw up, so the damage was confined to small amount on my shirt, and a couple of drips on my shoes. Ephraim didn't fare quite so well, but then, he wasn't headed to work. I changed my shirt, scrubbed Ephraim with a wash cloth and undressed him, and we were ready to get in the car and go. We've were hoping Ephraim would feel better before we left this afternoon for a family reunion, but, alas, we will have to go prepared with towels for Ephraim.

Ephraim, for his part, is taking it all in stride. He vomits, gets cleaned up, and then goes back to playing energetically as if nothing had happened. This morning after he soiled my shirt, I just set him on his feet and left him standing with his mother while I went to get mitigate the disaster. He didn't fuss or cry a bit.

Anyhow. That's the news.