As of today, I no longer teach Elders Quorum lessons on the second Sunday. (I taught today... and it was a good lesson.) As of today, I am the Ward Clerk.

That's right, not only do I need to show up to church at 8:30am in the morning, but the fate of the ward's attendance records, membership records, sacrament cup supply, and other various things rests in my hands... sort of. I have three ancient assistant ward clerk's who have been clerking for quite some time now (in at least one case, since before I was born), and, of course, the Lord will help out. All the same, it seems a lot to keep track of, and I haven't even learned what it all is yet. I suppose I will though.

The Stake President said that I could sit with my wife during sacrament meeting and help her out with my crazy son, but since I'll need to be counting heads when the meeting starts, I won't be able to be sitting there the whole time. (One of Cassey's friends today said she'd be needing a second husband to help her.)