I have a number of projects that I've been working on and I thought it would be worth giving a status report.
I have, briefly:

  • Quorum Secretary - A tool to manage home teaching and other data for an Elder's quorum.

  • The Shtick Image Editor - An image editor which is planned to be sold from my website.

  • Scripture Topical Guide - A scripture study tool.

  • castilloportraits.com - My father-in-law's artist website

Quorum Secretary
This project is coming along nicely. I'm currently working on getting the import of updated member records to work properly. This is a tricky procedure, but I think I've planned it out well. Before I make the system public, I also need to create a good system for handling database upgrades smoothly. (There are also a few other things. I still need to get the program to save companionships and store home teaching data.)

The Shtick Image Editor
This project is rather stalled at the moment. It's really waiting on some website enhancements to allow me to properly handle online sales. Otherwise it is rather complete. I've just finished a user management system that will need to be installed on the website. Once that's done, then I can build some product management features into the site and a mailing list. As my father-in-law also wants a mailing list feature, I think I'll try to program it to be general enough to use on both his site and my site.

Scripture Topical Guide
The actual Topical guide I've been putting together has been getting rather nice, I think. At least, for some things. The program is already rather complete, except that I want to allow users to specify private topics, sources, and/or notes so that these can be excluded from any export to HTML meant for public viewing.
All references to the standard works are now handled properly. That is, they are translated into links to online copies of the passages.

Having recently completed and installed a user management system on my father-in-law's website, I need to build some painting gallery features so that he will be able to make updates at will. My father-in-law would also like to have a mailing list feature.