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As part of my research into judicial candidates this year, I crafted a question to email out to the judicial candidates in my area. The letter I came up with read as follows (italicized text was omitted in Mark Ameli's letter, as he was the first I emailed):

As a voter, I was wondering if you could offer me some brief thoughts on what the rule of law means to you, and what responsibility you see individual citizens as having in promoting their own welfare, and the welfare of society, and what kinds of limitations you see to that responsibility.

I had at first considered crafting a letter that asked about thoughts on specific current events, but I had my doubts that such a question would be well received, so I crafted this letter instead, with a question that is fairly obtuse, but which I felt might reveal something about the candidates' ways of thinking about the relationship between the people and the law.

I have thus far received 6 responses, and will update this blog entry if I receive any more. The responses I have received follow, in the order received:

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Category: Government
Posted by: seanmcox

It's time again for my voter guide.

Much as I did in my last voter guide, I'll begin with a summary of my recommendations, for simplicity, and then continue with some review of the candidates and measures. With as much as there is to cover, I'm going to leave out partisan races, as well as the county assessor. My review of candidates will be bullet-pointed facts and source materials.

After having gone through this for this year, I think that I may want to move this to a wiki format some time in the future, and recruit others to help me. It is hard to research this many issues in a timely manner with as busy as I am. With a wiki, my research could be updated as I went, making much of the information available sooner.

The official California Voter Information Guide can be found at

Summary of Recommendations

State Propositions/Measures

  • 13 - Yes
  • 14 - No
  • 15 - No
  • 16 - No
  • 17 - No

Judicial Offices

  • 28 - Edward J. Nison
  • 35 - Soussan (Suzanne) Bruguera
  • 73 - Laura A. Matz
  • 107 - R. Stephen Bolinger
  • 117 - Pattricia M. Vienna
  • 131 - Maren Elizabeth Nelson

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Alexia L. Deligianni


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